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FBI - Apostille VISA, International Travel, and Other Documentation

Welcome to Tru Printz Live Scan Fingerprinting, your trusted provider of streamlined Apostille services for FBI Background Checks. We understand that navigating international documentation requirements can be complex, so we offer convenient fingerprinting appointments and reliable record authentication. Whether you visit one of our nationwide service centers or have our mobile technicians come directly to your home or office, our priority is making the Apostille process efficient so you can focus on your overseas plans without hassle or delay.
FBI - Apostille VISA, International Travel, and Other Documentation
Understanding When Apostille Certification is Necessary

Understanding When Apostille Certification is Necessary

What exactly is an Apostille, and why is it vital for FBI Background Checks to be used abroad? Put simply an Apostille is a critical international certification that verifies the legitimacy and origin of documents like a criminal history report. This extra level of authentication is essential for background checks that need recognition overseas. The Apostille program is part of the Hague Convention, which consists of over 100 member countries that have agreed to accept documents certified with an Apostille seal. With this unique certification, FBI Background Checks are valid for legal purposes in Hague Convention nations.
Therefore, if you plan to move, work, study, or adopt a child abroad, particularly in Europe, Asia, Oceania, or the Americas, you most likely need Apostille certification for your FBI Background Check. The destination country usually specifies if they require Apostilles as part of their documentation demands for visas, work permits, or residency applications.

How does Tru Printz Live Scan Fingerprinting Facilitate the Apostille Process?

At Tru Printz Live Scan Fingerprinting, we make the entire Apostille process hassle-free by being your one-stop shop for fingerprinting and document authentication. Once you’ve scheduled your fingerprinting appointment through our secure online booking system or over the phone, our trained technicians will ensure the most accurate capture of your fingerprints. We submit the prints directly to the FBI with expedited processing, working closely with law enforcement to obtain your report rapidly.
Upon receiving your FBI Background Check, our Apostille agents efficiently authenticate it with official federal seals to meet international standards. We never outsource any aspect of this service—from fingerprint capture to Apostille certification, our specialized team handles it all in-house. We deliver your ready-to-go, apostilled FBI Background Check right when needed for your upcoming travels, adoption, employment, or other overseas plans.

Trusted Nationwide FBI Fingerprinting + Apostille Experts

When you choose Tru Printz Live Scan Fingerprinting for your Apostille needs, you tap into a nationwide network of certified fingerprint technicians and authentication experts. We maintain the highest industry standards at all service centers while bringing added convenience to your door with our fleet of mobile fingerprinting vehicles.

Why an FBI Apostille is Needed

 Are you considering moving, employment, or education in another country? Many nations require an Apostilled FBI Criminal History Summary Report from foreign nationals. This report, also known as an FBI Background Check or Departmental Order, is a certified record that presents your criminal history (or lack thereof) to international authorities.

Our Service Promise

 At Tru Printz Live Scan Fingerprinting, we understand the complexities and importance of obtaining an Apostille for your FBI Background Check. We are committed to guiding you through this process, ensuring accuracy, speed, and compliance with international requirements. With our extensive network of service centers and mobile technicians, we bring convenience directly to your doorstep.

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