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ATF Fingerprinting

Ensuring Safe Compliance

Make Fingerprinting Hassle-Free with Tru Printz

Welcome to Tru Printz Live Scan Fingerprinting. We make completing essential Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) forms easy and convenient. Whether you need fingerprinting services for ATF eForm 1, eForm 4, or any other purpose, we provide a professional, streamlined experience to meet your needs.
Make Fingerprinting Hassle-Free with Tru Printz
Understanding EFT Files

Understanding EFT Files

Navigating ATF forms can be complicated, but we simplify the process. An Electronic Fingerprint Transmission (EFT) file contains your digital fingerprint data and vital demographic information formatted to meet ATF’s requirements. This file is critical when submitting eForm 1 or eForm 4 through the ATF eForms portal.

Specialized ATF-Compliant Services

At Tru Printz, we specialize in creating compliant EFT files for eForm 1 and 4 submissions. With locations nationwide, there’s always a center nearby. Choose from two options:

Visit Our Service Centers – Stop by one of our convenient locations for quick, expert fingerprinting sessions.

Mobile Fingerprinting—Can’t come to us? Our technicians will meet you at your home or office to provide first-class fingerprinting on-site.

Fast, Efficient Process

Once we capture your prints, you’ll receive your reusable EFT file electronically within 72 hours. Our rapid turnaround means no lengthy waits. When filling out ATF applications, simply upload your file.

Getting Started is Easy

Scheduling with Tru Printz takes just minutes. Visit our website or call to book your fingerprinting appointment today and experience an easy, stress-free process. Your convenience is our top concern.

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