Florida Department of Education

Streamlined Fingerprinting for Florida Educators

Fingerprinting for Your Florida Teaching Certificate

A key step to starting a teaching career in Florida is completing the fingerprinting requirement for the state teaching certificate. At Tru Printz Live Scan Fingerprinting, our fingerprinting service streamlines this crucial part of the application process for future Florida educators. By guiding teaching candidates through fingerprinting, we allow them to check off this prerequisite and advance their certification applications with ease and assurance.
Fingerprinting for Your Florida Teaching Certificate

Streamlined Fingerprinting with Advanced Technology

Precision Digital Fingerprinting

We utilize advanced fingerprint capture technology for flawless results. Gone are the days of ink-based prints and outdated methods. Our state-of-the-art digital equipment precisely records fingerprints to support teaching certificate applications. This modern approach sets candidates up for smooth sailing through the fingerprinting prerequisite and beyond.

Aligning with FLDOE Requirements

We carefully follow the Florida Department of Education’s precise fingerprinting protocols. Our process reflects their high standards so your prints are certificate-ready. By relying on our fingerprinting services, designed specifically to comply with state specifications, you can apply with confidence, knowing this key requirement is addressed thoroughly and accurately.

Licensed, Trained Professionals

As a Florida Department of Law Enforcement authorized provider, we meet high standards for service quality and procedure compliance. Our thoroughly vetted fingerprinting staff are experts at capturing prints efficiently while strictly following protocols. Candidates can trust these seasoned professionals to handle their prints accurately and effectively.

Swift Processing and Submission

At Tru Printz Live Scan Fingerprinting, we submit your fingerprint records fast so your teaching certification stays on schedule. We have efficient systems that avoid delays. Your prints move through quickly. By handling fingerprints well, we show our bigger goal: we want to help you become a Florida teacher as easily and quickly as possible.

Expert Guidance and Unwavering Support

Our helpful team supports you through the entire fingerprint process. If you have any questions or need something explained better, ask us. We want you to fully understand each step. We will give you the information and help needed for a stress-free experience. Please know that what you need to do to get certified in Florida can change depending on the certificate and new state rules. Check the Florida Department of Education website regularly or speak to an advisor to stay updated. Speaking up for yourself is key to getting through the path to your teaching certificate smoothly.

We take care of fingerprinting details so you can focus your energy on prepping your teaching abilities and relating to Florida’s students. Getting fingerprinting done is great, but it’s just one step down the road to having your own classroom. By making this part easy for you, you can concentrate on the real joys of teaching – helping students grow to their full potential. Keep your dreams for the future out in front while we handle the boring stuff behind the scenes. Your calling as a life-changing teacher is getting closer.

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