FD 258 - Fingerprint Cards

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Fingerprint Cards (FD 258)

Need an FBI FD-258 fingerprint card for anything related to your career, law, or personal life? You need not go any further than Truprintz, the premier service provider situated close to your location. Truprintz provides a variety of services, including digital live scan fingerprinting, hard copy services, and ink rolled services. When looking for fingerprinting services, go no further than Truprintz, known for its professionalism and lightning-fast turnaround.
Fingerprint Cards (FD 258)

International adoptions

Student visas

Legal proceedings

Personal record reviews

Foreign travel

Attorney requests

Why Do You Need an FBI Fingerprint Card?

If you’re looking for ink card fingerprinting or Live Scan transmission, Truprintz has you covered.

Trusted Solutions for Comprehensive Background Checks

Trusted Solutions for Comprehensive Background Checks

Businesses, individuals, and government organizations all rely on FD 258 Fingerprint Cards as a reliable and consistent way to perform background checks. A standardized form for collecting and submitting fingerprint impressions is the FD 258 Fingerprint Card, which is also called the Applicant Fingerprint Card. The FD 258 Fingerprint Cards, which were created by the FBI, offer a dependable and uniform way to do background checks for a variety of reasons, such as in immigration, criminal justice, licensing, and employment processes.

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FD 258 Fingerprint Cards are an established and reliable way to perform thorough background checks for a range of reasons. Employers, licensing agencies, immigration authorities, and law enforcement agencies may all benefit from FD 258 Fingerprint Cards, which offer a dependable option for identity verification and comprehensive background checks. For additional information on how FD 258 Fingerprint Cards may help your screening procedures and safeguard your operations, contact us now.

Obtaining an FBI Summary of Criminal Record

A record of your criminal past is kept by the FBI and is called the FBI Identity Past Summary. By submitting your fingerprints to the FBI, you can get an FBI Identity History Summary.

To get an FBI background check for a job or security clearance

The FBI conducts background checks for many positions and security clearances. The purpose of this is to rule out the possibility that the candidate has a disqualifying criminal record.

Volunteering for an FBI-checked position

An FBI background check may also be necessary for some volunteer roles. This will guarantee that the volunteer poses no threat to the safety of the individuals or property they will be assisting.

Being a witness in a court of law

Your fingerprints may be requested by the court if you are summoned to testify as a witness in a criminal proceeding. This will help the court confirm your identification and look into your criminal record.

Being a member of a criminal case jury

Jurors in criminal cases may also be required to submit fingerprints for prosecution records. That way, the court can check your credentials, including your criminal record, and make sure you aren’t biased.

International child adoption

Anyone seeking to adopt a child from a certain nation may be required to undergo a background check by the FBI. This is to make sure the prospective parents can’t be a problem because of a criminal record.

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