Fingerprinting for Seamless Name Changes

No hidden fees, affordable live scan
Livescan fingerprinting services at Tru Printz

Livescan fingerprinting services at Tru Printz

We provide seamless and convenient Livescan fingerprinting services at Tru Printz Live Scan Fingerprinting. As a veteran-founded business in Tampa, Florida, we pride ourselves on our FDLE-approved Level 2 fingerprinting facility. We understand the importance of every detail in the legal process, especially regarding name changes in Florida.

With livescan technology, there are no messy ink and card scanning delays. We aim to deliver your personalized FDLE report within 3 business days for prompt name change petition filing.

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Understanding the Entire Legal Process


Name Choice Finalization

The first step is ensuring you have selected your new permanent name. Name changes can only be granted once in Florida without extensive hearings.


Initiate Fingerprint Background Check

Visit our facility to get digitally fingerprinted. This triggers the FDLE criminal history report, which is essential for your case.


Disclosure from Nonlawyer (if applicable):

If receiving form-filling assistance, have your helper complete this disclosure.


Form Preparation

We provide form templates and guidance for completing the Petition, Notice of Related Cases, Limitation of Services, and Final Disposition forms accurately.


Petition Filing

To officially open your case, submit your forms, FDLE Report, identification, and fees to the circuit court clerk.


Service by Publication:

Your name change petition must be published in a local newspaper for legal notification. We assist with coordinating affordable publications.


Final Judgement

Attend your court hearing to answer questions and receive final approval. We provide tips to prepare and represent yourself confidently.

Post-Name Change: Updating Your Documents

Updating Your IDs and Documents
With Your New Name

Our Services

Great job! You have legally changed your name in Florida. Now, you need to get new versions of your important identification and documents with your new name on them. Our team will help you get a new Social Security card and driver’s license with your new name.


We will also explain what other documents and accounts you should update with your new name, such as:


  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Mortgage/home loan documents
  • Voter registration
  • Passport

Changing your name on all your IDs and essential paperwork is a crucial step after getting your name legally changed. Our staff is here to assist you through this process. Just let us know if you have any other questions!

Your Identity, Your Choice – Tru Printz
Supports You

At Tru Printz,

we understand that your name is a big part of your identity. We are proud to support you on your journey. Our family business is focused on giving you personalized service and making the name change process easy, fast, and stress-free.


With locations in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties, including our modern fingerprinting facility in Tampa, it’s convenient for you to start using your new name. Our fair prices and dedication to doing great work means you’ll get top-quality service without spending too much money.

Embrace Your New Identity with Confidence

Embrace Your New Identity with Confidence

If you want a new beginning, honor where you came from, or just enjoy a name that fits who you are, Tru Printz can help you. Our experienced team will guide you through the legal process of changing your name in Florida.

With our help, you can feel confident and proud about using your new name that represents the true you.

Contact us now to schedule getting your fingerprints taken, which is the first step toward your new name journey