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If you need an expunge or seal fingerprinting service, go no further than TruPrintz, your trusted partner. To help you have your records expunged or sealed, we offer fingerprinting services that are accurate, secure, and efficient since we know how important it is for you to have a clean record. A legally recognized procedure exists through which an arrest can be expunged from an individual’s publicly accessible criminal history record. Legal advice is frequently necessary to guide individuals through the complex processes required by these regulations. Every year, we review hundreds of requests for sealing and expungement.
Take a look at the current Florida legislation to determine if it applies to you. Contact TruPrintz to seek guidance at every step.
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Did you know that in Florida, any arrest will remain on your criminal record for the rest of your life? Whether the charges were withdrawn, the jury ruled you not guilty, or the cops arrested the incorrect person—it makes no difference. That conviction will be on your record for the rest of your life. In this situation, sealing or expunging the case is your sole option. An attorney should be consulted for this procedure due to its complexity and time. We want to help you start over by getting your arrest record expunged, which is a major obstacle to getting a job, a place to live, and money.
Our legal team will investigate your legal eligibility, and if that turns out to be the case, we’ll handle all the necessary paperwork and court representation.

How is sealing different from expungement?

The data held by the probation officer, the prosecution, and the agency that made the arrest are truly erased when a case is purged, as opposed to sealed. The public will not have access to the copy that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement will maintain. All agency files are taped shut but not erased when your case is sealed.


An excellent way to clean your name and increase your employability is to have your case sealed or expunged. You are able to deny the charges ever existed, even under oath, if you are successful in getting your record sealed or erased, with a few restricted limitations. To be more specific, how are the two choices different?

How is Sealing Different from Expungement?

To a large extent, they are interchangeable. In none of these scenarios will anybody else be able to view your file. Furthermore, the case will not show up on typical background checks conducted by employers, and you have the option to dispute the arrest and the occurrence of the incident altogether. Some fields do not need this background check, including those dealing with minors or the elderly, state bar examiners, and certain law enforcement agencies. An accomplished Orlando criminal attorney may assist regardless of the specifics of your case.

The other important distinction is the choice to which you are eligible. There must be no past convictions and the charges must be dropped to be eligible to have your case erased. The prosecution decided not to press charges, the judge agreed to dismiss the case, or you were found not guilty during the trial; these are all examples of dismissal. You also have the option to have your case erased if it has been sealed for 10 years or more.

A seal can be obtained regardless of whether the defendant pled guilty, no contest, or was convicted guilty at trial with judgment withheld. Of course, not all crimes fall within this category. The best way to find out is to see a seasoned lawyer. 

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

According to Florida statute and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, these are the minimum standards for qualifying. To be eligible for expungement or sealing, you need to:
  • Have been arrested in Florida
  • not currently have any criminal matters that are either under trial or in pretrial diversion.
  • not guilty by adjudication (not the same as pleading guilty or having adjudication withheld) for any criminal offense
  • never had a case sealed or expunged in the past; owing no fines, fees, court expenses, or restitution; have finished all terms of probation, if imposed;
After our attorneys finish the first eligibility examination, we can discuss any extra criteria.

Exception for Survivors of Human Trafficking

Even if you were found guilty, Florida law may allow survivors of human trafficking to have their convictions sealed or deleted.

There are some critical things to accomplish if you are qualified. The first step is to apply for and get an eligibility certificate from FDLE. Being qualified is not a guarantee of automatic approval, though. After hearing the prosecutor’s objections, the judge will make the ultimate decision. To make sure everything is handled properly, it is vital to check with Truprintz.

Whenever you need assistance with fingerprinting, you can count on TruPrintz for first-rate service and support. We offer expert erase and seal fingerprint services, so you can be assured that we will help you get a clean record. To take charge of your future and make an appointment, contact us now!

Exception for Survivors of Human Trafficking

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