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Welcome to TruPrintz, your committed partner in completing the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice’s (DJJ) fingerprinting requirements. We recognize the importance of precise and punctual fingerprint submissions for licensure, certification, or employment, whether you are a member of the support staff, counselor, or juvenile justice program. By prioritizing efficiency and adherence to regulatory standards, our objective is to optimize the fingerprinting procedure, guaranteeing a smooth and uninterrupted experience for all participants.
TruPrintz: Florida Department of Juvenile Justice



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Why Select TruPrintz?

Proficiency: Our team is composed of fingerprinting experts who hold certifications and possess substantial industry experience. We have a comprehensive understanding of the fingerprinting requirements set forth by the DJJ and are committed to ensuring that all submissions are precise and dependable.

Our Method of Fingerprinting:

  1. Appointment Scheduling: Contact our customer service department or utilize our online platform to conveniently schedule your appointment.
  2. Fingerprint Capture: At the appointed time, proceed to the designated location where our proficient technicians will utilize cutting-edge equipment to obtain your fingerprints.
  3. Filling Out Documents: The fingerprint cards furnished by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice will be completed by the instructions provided by our team.
  4. Submission: After the paperwork is finished, send your fingerprint cards to the DJJ per their guidelines.
  5. Update: Utilize our monitoring system to remain informed regarding the current status of your submission. If you have any inquiries or apprehensions, our customer service department stands ready to provide you with prompt assistance.
Our Method of Fingerprinting:
Discover the TruPrintz Distinction

Discover the TruPrintz Distinction

We are dedicated to ensuring a dependable and trouble-free fingerprinting experience at TruPrintz. Permit us to assist you in meeting your fingerprinting needs in a proficient, precise, and timely manner.

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TruPrintz is Your Reliable Partner for Fingerprinting Services at the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.
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Convenience: Multiple locations throughout Florida and adaptable scheduling options are provided to guarantee accessibility for every individual. Whether you are in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, or any other city or town in Florida, we have a certified location near assist.
Regulatory Compliance: TruPrintz rigorously abides by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice’s standards and regulations. Our fingerprinting services are specifically tailored to fulfill all essential criteria required for employment, certification, or licensure.
Customer Service: At each stage of the process, our devoted customer service team is committed to providing individualized assistance. Our primary objective is to provide our clients with a favorable and trouble-free experience, encompassing tasks such as appointment scheduling and inquiry resolution.

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