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Live Scan Fingerprinting and Level 2 Background Screening for FLHSMV

To conduct business in Florida, particularly with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), it is crucial to comply with all regulatory requirements, including obtaining electronic fingerprinting for all dealership officers. TruPrintz, an FDLE-approved Live Scan fingerprinting provider, can help you meet these requirements efficiently. Below is a streamlined process to ensure compliance:

Steps to Obtain Electronic Fingerprinting

Step 01

Understand the Requirements Refer to sections 320.27, 320.77, and 320.771 of the Florida Statutes, as well as Florida Administrative Codes 15C-7.003 and 15C-7.004, for comprehensive information on the requirements for conducting business with FLHSMV.

Step 02

Choose TruPrintz as Your FDLE-Approved Service Provider. TruPrintz is an FDLE-approved service provider offering Live Scan fingerprinting and Level 2 background screening services. Our services are designed to provide accurate and secure fingerprinting solutions, ensuring compliance with state regulations.

Step 03

Schedule Your Fingerprinting Appointment Contact TruPrintz to schedule your electronic fingerprinting appointment. Live Scan fingerprinting is a quick and efficient method for capturing fingerprints electronically, significantly reducing processing times.

Step 04

Attend Your Appointment Attend your fingerprinting appointment at TruPrintz. Our trained technicians will capture your fingerprints using Live Scan technology, ensuring a high level of accuracy and security. We prioritize a smooth and professional experience for all our clients.

Step 05

Obtain Proof of Fingerprinting After your fingerprints are captured, TruPrintz will provide you with a receipt confirming the completion of your electronic fingerprinting. We will also submit your fingerprints directly to FDLE for Level 2 background screening, ensuring timely processing.

Step 06

Submit Proof to FLHSMV Attach a copy of the receipt from TruPrintz to your license application for FLHSMV. This proof is necessary to complete your application process and demonstrate compliance with the fingerprinting requirement.

Why Choose TruPrintz for Live Scan Fingerprinting?

TruPrintz offers several advantages:
  • Accuracy: Our electronic capture technology reduces errors and provides high-quality fingerprints.
  • Speed: We offer faster processing times than traditional ink fingerprinting, ensuring timely compliance.
  • Security: We employ enhanced security measures to protect your personal information throughout the fingerprinting process.
  • Convenience: With multiple locations and flexible appointment scheduling, TruPrintz makes it easy to complete your fingerprinting requirements.

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